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Trinidad  Robusto Extra Cohiba  Behike 56 Montecristo  Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010 Elie Bleu Plots Series Ashtrays Zino Leather Cigar Cases Zino Leather Travel Humidor - Crocodile Pattern S. T. Dupont X-tend Lighters - Shiny finish Hoyo de Monterrey  Epicure No. 2 Elie Bleu Flor de Alba Series Humidors Davidoff Sapphire-Glass Round Cutter

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This attractive corona cigar has good flavor.  It's woody and earthy, with notes of leather, coffee and cocoa.  A full-bodied cigar.
Special price US$314/box of 25's, was US$392.

20% saving on Cohiba Siglo II
Montecristo Petit Edmundo gets a very high rating of 91 points on Cigar Insider.  It has complex notes of nuts, cream and leather frame solid tobacco flavor.  A full bodied cigars.
Only US$312/ box (25s), was US$390.

20% off on Montecristo Petit Edmundo-only US$312 per box
This well made cigar has a fine draw and even burn.  It has good tobacco flavor with some earthiness to the smoke.  Medium bodied.  It is a fantastic afternoon cigar for the sunny summer time.
Scored 87 points in Cigar Aficionado.
Only US$166/box of 25 cigars, was US$207

Montecristo No.5 only US$166
Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos is a half corona size cigar with 4.33" x 40 ring.  This cigar is rolled with Cuban leaf aged for five years, resulting a rich flavor.  Very popular.
Now only US$290 for box of 25 sticks, was US$342, save US$52.

Save 15% on Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos
Well made demi corona cigar.  Short, complex and spicy smoke.
To be enjoyed anytime of a day.
Only US$420/ box (25s), was US$336.

20% off on Cohiba Siglo I
The appearance looks gorgeous, with oily rich brown wrapper.
It offers rich coffee and almond flavor. The smoke is pleasant and aromatic.
Medium bodied.
The great Siglo cigar is now available at irresistable price!
Dimension: 6.13", RG 42
Price: US$353/box of 25 sticks

Only US$353 for a Box of Cohiba Siglo III
This Robusto cigar receives excellent comments from cigar lovers.
The wrapper is dark reddish. The smoke is rich, with leather, cocoa bean and wood flavor. Full bodied.
You will definitely not be disappointed with this classic Romeo Y Julieta cigar! Extremely value for money!
Dimension: 4.88", RG 50
Price: US$333/box of 25 sticks, save US$83!

20% off for a Box of Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill
This 88 points rated cigar has a toasty aroma and an even draw.
This Robusto gets stronger as it smokes. Flavors include wood and earth, with a lightly spicy finish. Medium bodied.
Edmundo has been very well received by cigar aficionados since it was introduced to the market.
Was US$434, now only US$347 / box of 25 cigars.

Montecristo Edmundo only US$347 per box of 25's
The Punch Punch is rated 91 points!
This Corona Gorda cigar has a dark and reddish wrapper, medium to full bodied.
Value for money option for perfect draw and combustion!
Dimensions: 5 5/8", RG 46
Only US$312/ box (25s), was US$390.

20% off Punch Punch
This little cigar, full of ripe and robust flavors, is an easy smoke. It's a quick 20-mins smoke, specifically targeted to occasional smokers.
Special US$335/ box of 25's, was US$478

Save 30% of Cohiba Exquisito

Prince lighter offers powerful torch flame, it is the best flame for cigar lighting.
It is wind resistant and equipped with large fuel tank.
PB-10 is small and portable, and MT-1000 is powerful and durable.
Make your selection now!

20% off on all Prince Lighters
This most talked about Behike cigars are now on Very well made powerful cigars. Very limited stock available.
It starts as a slightly woodsy cigar, turns into a cigar that offers the occasional hint of orange peel, coffee, and semi-sweet chocolate.
Dimension: Petit Robusto, 4.70", RG 52
Only US$338/ box (10s), was US$423.

Cohiba Behike 52 in stock now!
It is a well made Corona Gorda cigar with rich and tawny wrapper.
It offers complex smoke with coffee, spice and leather taste.
Medium bodied.
Editor's pick of the week for this high rated cigar!
Dimension: 5.63", RG 46
Special Price US$458/box of 25's, was US$573

Only US$458 for a Box of Cohiba Siglo IV
Elie Bleu is well-known for its masterpiece skill and design.
Made by hand in France. The humidors are all well equipped and ready to provide the best environment for your cigar collection.
Definitely you are able to pick one that fits your style! Don't miss the great offer!
Price: US$742 and up

20% off all Elie Bleu Humidors
Davidoff humidors are synonymous with perfection in both workmanship and design. Now, the Davidoff humidor has taken this a stage further. What is most striking about this exceptionally flat models is the timeless elegance and modern design. Making a wooden box out of the finest solid mahogany requires both exceptional craftsmanship and expertise.
This humidor has three partitions and can be used to store approx. 50 cigars in ideal climatic conditions. Both the hinges and the elegant grip bearing the flourish with which the humidors are opened are palladium-plated. Each is hand made in Switzerland.
Special price: US$1528.00, was US$2547.00.

Special offer: Save 40% on Davidoff No.5 Macassar Humidor
The best selling cigar on  Montecristo No.2 is the benchmark for Pyramid cigar from Cuba.
The smoke is extremely complex, with hints of toast, leather, coffee, black pepper and nuts. Intense and full in body.
Received 94 points. Special price: US$373, was US$466

20% off on Montecristo No.2 - only US$373 per box
These popular Cohiba Siglo II was produced by the famous Cuban cigar factories, namely Partagas, H. Upmann as well as Sanctu Spiritus.
Every cigar lovers will be tempted by the wonderful combination between the scarce year of 2008 and the well-known factories production.
Limited stock. Rare at market.
Box Code: TEB SEP 08, USE SEP 08 and SOA OCT 08; Size: 5", RG 42
Price: US$650, 25 sticks box set

2008 - a year that represents quality and rareness
The unique Vitola size cigar is created so as to commemorate the 520th Anniversary of the arrival of Cuban tobacco to Europe.
It offers extremely pleasant woody and peppery flavor. Medium to full bodied.
It is arriving to the world's specialized Points of sale in a 10 unit Special Labeled Box (CBB). Limited stock!
Dimension: 6", RG 55
Price: US$448, 10 sticks box pack

In Store: Montecristo 520 Limited Edition 2012
This Robusto cigar has an attractively dark wrapper.
It provides very characterful and balanced flavors.
Light to medium bodied.
Limited stock available. Buy now!
Dimension: 4.88", RG 50
Price: US$718, 25 sticks box pack

New Arrival: H. Upmann Robusto Limited Edition 2012
This Vitola cigar is made of carefully selected tobacco leaves which have been aged for at least two years.
The aromas are very strong, with powerful notes of wood, earth and leather.Full bodied.
They are produced in small quantities by expert Cuban cigar rollers so as to meet the expectations of Habanos enthusiasts around the world.
Dimension: 5.5", RG 48
Price: US$298, 10 sticks box pack

New Arrival: Partagas Serie C No.3 Limited Edition 2012
This Corona cigar has dark and attractive wrapper.
It carries balanced woody and leathery flavors.
Medium bodied.
This first ever Ramon Allones limited edition only available at limited stock.
Dimension: 5.6", RG 44
Price: US$578, 25 sticks box pack

New Arrival: Ramon Allones Extra Limited Edition 2011
The new Gordito shape cigar is specially designed to sell in Swiss market.
It provides very rich floral and sweet taste.
Medium bodied.
2,400 boxes of this regional edition were produced. Order now!
Dimension: 5.5", RG 50
Price: US$1,058, 25 sticks box pack

New Arrival: El Rey Del Mundo Elegantes Swiss Regional Edition 2010

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