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Cohiba  Behike 56 Montecristo  Grand Edmundo Limited Edition 2010 Zino Leather Cigar Cases Zino Leather Travel Humidor - Crocodile Pattern S. T. Dupont X-tend Lighters - Shiny finish Hoyo de Monterrey  Epicure No. 2 Elie Bleu Flor de Alba Series Humidors Davidoff Sapphire-Glass Round Cutter

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The ideal cigars to enjoy and share with friends on a golf course or at the clubhouse. The Davidoff Golf Limited Masters Edition 2015 comprises two formats - Toro and Robusto - that are specifically designed for the course and the clubhouse. Both formats are medium to medium-strong blends and are crafted with eight-year-old typical Dominican filler tobaccos: Piloto Volado, San Vicente Visus, Piloto Visus Hybrid and Corojo/Olor Seco.
Dimension : Robusto, 5", RG 52
Dimension : Toro, 6", RG 54
Only US$176/ box (8s), was US$321.

50% off on Davidoff Golf Masters Limited Edition 2015
Montecristo is the best known and probably the most appreciated Habanos brand.
Its distinctive medium to full flavour forms the benchmark for many Habanos smokers against which other brands are judged.
Dimension : Torpedo, 5.32", RG 46
Only US$339/ box (20s), was US$522.

35% off on Montecristo Open Regata
Petit Corona is a popular size in recent years, the sweet and woody flavors are balanced and very subtle. Good quality medium cigar.
Dimension : Petit Corona, 5 1/8", RG 40
Only US$243/ box (25s), was US$374.

35% off on Hoyo de Monterrey du Prince
Bolivar Petit Corona is a well made cigar with oily wrapper. It has a fine draw and burn. It builds in strength and is loaded with flavour, including coffee, almond and cocoa. Full bodied.
Rated 91 points by Cigar Insider. Highly recommended.
Only US$230/ box (25s), was US$354.

35% off on Bolivar Petit Corona
This Robusto cigar receives excellent comments from cigar lovers. The wrapper is dark reddish. The smoke is rich, with leather, cocoa bean and wood flavor. Full bodied. You will definitely not be disappointed with this classic Romeo Y Julieta cigar! Extremely value for money! Dimension: 4.88", RG 50 Only US$440/ box (25s), was US$677.

35% off on Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill
The Punch Punch is rated 91 points! This Corona Gorda cigar has a dark and reddish wrapper, medium to full bodied. Value for money option for perfect draw and combustion! Dimensions: 5 5/8", RG 46 Only US$475/ box (25s), was US$731.

35% off Punch Punch
This is an excellent cigar with 90 points rating. Wrapped in a dark, reddish brown wrapper, it is rich with coffee, nut and leather notes balanced by a touch of sweetness and a cedary finish.
Only US$438/ box (10s), was US$674.

35% off on Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios
This attractive corona cigar has good flavor. It's woody and earthy, with notes of leather, coffee and cocoa. A full-bodied cigar.
Only US$475/ box (25s), was US$731.

35% off on Cohiba Siglo II
This well made cigar has a fine draw and even burn. It has good tobacco flavor with some earthiness to the smoke. Medium bodied. It is a fantastic afternoon cigar for the sunny summer time.
Scored 87 points in Cigar Aficionado.
Only US$226/ box (25s), was US$348.

35% off on Montecristo No.5
A handsome petit corona with a nice cap. The leathery flavor core is framed by coffee bean, walnut notes and a fresh tobacco finish. Scored an outstanding 92 points.
Very well made cigars, must buy !
Only US$232/ box (25s), was US$357.

35% off on Partagas Shorts
Cohiba Robusto is one of the best selling Cuban cigars, great smoke with good rating. Do not miss out this great offer. Dimension : Robusto, 4.88", RG 50 Only US$843/ box (25s), was US$1297.

35% off on Cohiba Robustos
The best selling cigar on Montecristo No.2 is the benchmark for Pyramid cigar from Cuba. The smoke is extremely complex, with hints of toast, leather, coffee, black pepper and nuts. Intense and full in body. Received 94 points. Only US$546/ box (25s), was US$840.

35% off on Montecristo No.2
The large Corona Gorda cigar has healthy color and offers impressively even burn. Medium-to-full bodied with earthy flavors. Quality assured selection for you! Dimensions: 6.5", RG 50 Only US$563/ box (25s), was US$866.

35% off on H. Upmann Magnum 50
This Petit Corona cigar with neat pigtail is rich and elegant. It offers coffee and leather flavor and superb balance. Medium bodied.
Dimension : Petit Corona, 4.4", RG 40
Only US$417/ box (24s), was US$642.

35% off on Trinidad Reyes
This Corona cigar with neat pigtail is rich and elegant. It offers coffee and leather flavor and superb balance. Medium bodied.
Dimension: 5 1/2", RG 44
Only US$607/ box (24s), was US$934

35% off on Trinidad Coloniales
Partagas Serie P No.2 presents well and has a good feel to it, with no bumps or ridges.
A sweet salty coco, and a dark roasted coffee are introduced. Towards the end of this cigar the coffee and cedar are in the forefront.
Dimension : Pyramid, 6.13", RG 52
Only US$527/ box (25s), was US$811.

35% off on Partagas Serie P No.2

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